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History Maker: Gevin Manosoh Wins 1st Place in Men’s Sport Model and PRO CARD OVERALL CHAMPION WFF Singapore 2023, Ticket to Japan Awaits!

DIANSSSULUT.COM, MANADO – The fitness world in the country once again witnessed an extraordinary achievement by the French-Indonesian physical athlete, Gevin Manosoh. This talented athlete successfully won the title of 1st Place in Men’s Sport Model and PRO CARD OVERALL CHAMPION in the World Fitness Federation (WFF) Singapore 2023 competition. His brilliant achievement has led Gevin to represent Indonesia in the prestigious championship in Japan in two weeks’ time.

The WFF Singapore 2023 competition was held under the auspices of the Indonesian Bodybuilding Fitness Association (PERBAFI) Manado, led by Imelda Takosowa. This organization, which aims to develop fitness sports in Indonesia, is directly led by the Chairman of PERBAFI Pusat, Mr. Kemalsyah Nasution.

Gevin Manosoh, a 32-year-old athlete with North Nusa (Sangihe) and Mongondow (Tatabuan) blood, showed impressive performance in this competition. With his perfect physique and high training discipline, Gevin managed to defeat hundreds of competitors from various countries in the Men’s Sport Model category. In addition, he also obtained the PRO CARD OVERALL CHAMPION, an achievement that recognizes an athlete’s excellence in all categories.

This victory not only represents recognition for Gevin’s efforts and hard work, but also brings pride to Indonesia on the international stage. In the upcoming championship in Japan, Gevin will represent Indonesia and compete with great athletes from various parts of the world.

On this occasion, the Chairman of PERBAFI Manado, Imelda Takosowa, expressed her pride in Gevin’s achievements. “Gevin has shown extraordinary dedication and hard work in this competition. We hope his success can inspire young athletes in Indonesia to continue developing their potential in the fitness world,” she said.

Similarly, the Chairman of PERBAFI Pusat, Mr. Kemalsyah Nasution, expressed his support for Gevin in the upcoming championship. “We congratulate Gevin on his extraordinary achievements. Hopefully, he can continue his good performance and give his best in the WFF championship in Japan. We are very proud to have talented athletes like Gevin who can bring glory to Indonesia on the international stage,” said Mr. Kemalsyah.

Gevin’s fans and supporters are equally enthusiastic about the next championship. They hope that Gevin will maintain his focus and give his best performance to achieve even greater success. May Gevin find luck in Japan and give his best for Indonesia!

(**/Rukminto Rachman)

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